Computer Headphones

Computer Headphones

The best noise-canceling computer headphones launched by Soundcore offer not only immersive stereo surround sound but also a comfortable wearing experience and continuous battery life.

Computer Headphones

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  • Enjoy work & play with computer headphones

    Computer headphones are meant to be better at delivering good audio quality and microphone reception than ordinary headphones, and for people who work remotely or adore music, videos, or games, computer headphones should be part of their daily tech essentials. soundcore computer headphones come with a pressure-free design, providing you with an all-day-long comfortable wearing experience, so wireless PC headphones designed by soundcore enable you to work or entertain yourself wherever you like.
    Listening quality is highly enhanced by the active noise cancellation system, which clears the background noises once you wear the soundcore computer headphones. With the uplink noise reduction technology, the microphone of soundcore PC headphones is able to pick up voice accurately no matter in a noisy office or in a spacious conference room. Fast charging feature and long-lasting playtime ensure that users can focus longer until the work is done.

  • FAQ about computer headphones

    Why won’t my headphone work on my computer?

    First of all, you need to check if there’s any problem with your headphones themselves by connecting them with various devices.
    If there’s no issue found, further check the headphone port (when your headphones use a cable connection), or Bluetooth connection setup (when your headphones are wireless). If they are connecting to the correct headphone port, make sure to push it all the way in. If your computer headphones fail to connect the Bluetooth on your computer, turn off the Bluetooth and reconnect again.
    To save all the efforts, soundcore computer headphones feature a stable Bluetooth connection with a wide range of up to 5 feet, you can easily connect and disconnect without any frustration.

    Which headphone is the best for PC?

      The best PC headphones must possess the following traits:
    • - Excellent and clear listening quality
    • - Accurate voice reception
    • - Stable Bluetooth connection
    • - Stay comfortable for extended use
    • - Long-lasting playtime
    • - Fast charging
    • - Versatile compatibilty

    • soundcore noise-canceling headphones cover all the features above, offering you a pleasant user experience with ANC technology, uplink voice reduction technology of microphone, fast charging, and continuous battery life.

    How to connect wireless headphones with your computer?

      Connecting wireless Bluetooth computer headphones with your PC is fairly simple. All you need to do is to pair your headphones with your computer. Detailed steps are listed here:
    • - Turn on your computer headphones to get them ready to pair.
    • - Go to the setting section on your computer, and double click the Devices icon where Bluetooth sets in. Open the Bluetooth button.
    • 3. A list of devices will show up subsequently, choose your headphones’ Bluetooth to connect.

    • After the mentioned procedure, your wireless computer headphones can be used on your PC. And the computer will remember your device so that the Bluetooth can be connected automatically next time.
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