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Liberty Air 2 Pro is Endorsed by

10 GRAMMY Winning Artists

3-Time GRAMMY Winning Artist

"These headphones are super dope, they look great, they sound great."

2-Time GRAMMY Winning Artist

“I can hear every element of a new mix in perfect clarity with Liberty Air 2 Pro.”

GRAMMY Winning Artist

"Both the sound quality of the Liberty Air 2 Pro, and the noise cancellation feature are why I started using them. I haven’t put them down since!"

GRAMMY Winning Artist 

“Liberty Air 2 Pro have become an essential part of my everyday. Listening back to my demos, Zoom meetings, podcasts whilst running and working out.”

GRAMMY Winning Band 

"Whether you're listening back to a new song you created, or rocking out to your favorite music you deserve to be able to hear every element of music in perfect clarity."

2-Time GRAMMY Winning Artist 

“ These are what I need to hear the quality of a mix and the purity of the sound. The personalization of my EQ is next level.”

GRAMMY Winning Artist

“What I love about Soundcore is their dedication to provide the most polished listening experience possible”

GRAMMY Winning Artist 

“They've done a great job with the noise cancellation - with it on, I can't hear a thing but my music and I can easily switch to Transparency mode when I need to hear others around me.”

GRAMMY Winning Band 

“Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro are an unreal combination of convenience and audio quality. They sound great, they feel great, and with such high fidelity sound, they are built to inspire.”

4-Time GRAMMY Winning Artist

"The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro is a must have. For me, they’ve already proven indispensable.This product accurately represents the audio. It doesn’t overhype the EQ and distort what I’m hearing.”

Liberty 2 Pro is Endorsed by

10 GRAMMY Winning Producers

9-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Darrell Thorp

“I was completely blown away, I really was, it was quite amazing.”

2-Time GRAMMY Winning Producer

Krish Sharma

“The records I make sound like they should on the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro.”

5-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

James Cassidy Turbin

“Liberty 2 Pro gives the listener a clear and direct image, uncolored by any internal mechanism reflections or tubing you might find in other competitor products.”

4-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Alex Pasco

“Bright highs, great, rich lows, and a stereo field that was like listening on speakers.”

2-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Craig Alvin

“Liberty 2 Pro are clearly the best sounding ones I’ve heard, they have the fullest range of sound, the best sound staging, and they’re the most comfortable.”

Grammy GRAMMY Audio Producer

Zach Allen

"I strongly endorse the Liberty 2 Pro. These earbuds just sound natural."

5-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Ignacio Molino

“These are the first wireless earbuds I've tried with coaxial drivers and, compared to 2 or 3 others I've tried, these sound amazingly phase coherent. Just wow!”

5-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Cole M. G. N.

“I love the Liberty 2 Pro for everyday listening.”

4-Time GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Buck Snow

“Liberty 2 Pro has amazing detail and definition, with superb, deep low bass and sparkly highs.”

GRAMMY Winning Audio Producer

Riley Mackin

"The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro are definitely a superior Bluetooth headphone."

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