Bass Headphones

Bass Headphones

soundcore bass headphones promise a long period of intense and clear base sound with BassUp technology and powerful batteries.

Bass Headphones

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  • Empower Your Music

    Bass headphones are designed to ensure that the bass frequencies are accurately reproduced to produce deep, rich bass tones. Integrated with the latest technology, soundcore bass headphones feature exciting and booming bass that are fundamental for quality sound. With cutting-edge noise cancellation technology, which authenticates immersive listening experiences, you can enjoy your favorite tunes wholeheartedly without worrying about those pesky exterior noises.
    The exclusive BassUp technology instantly analyses and strengthens the low-frequency bass output of your music, so you can enjoy music, like EDM and hip hop for an even more intense experience with a new-found clarity. Powerful battery life ensures extended uninterrupted music or video time, and for some soundcore bass headphones, the battery can last up to 60 hours in standard music mode.

  • FAQ about soundcore Bass Headphones

    What are bass headphones?

    Bass frequencies are generally considered to be between 60 and 250 Hz, and Bass headphones are designed to reproduce the low frequencies of sound, giving the music a fuller, richer sound. Bass headphones can be used for a variety of genres of music, including hip-hop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Many people also enjoy using bass headphones for movies and video games.
    Featuring advanced acoustics, soundcore bass headphones provide an immersive listening experience with powerful bass. soundcore's proprietary BassUp technology enhances low-end frequencies for even deeper bass. The result is a rich, textured sound that brings your music to life.

    Is bass important for a headphone?

    Bass is an essential element of any good pair of headphones because it provides the low-end frequencies that give the music its fullness and richness. Without bass, music would sound thin and tinny.
    It is important for creating a sense of space and ambiance in music. Headphones that lack bass can sound small and constricted as if the music is taking place inside your head instead of around you.
    soundcore's bass headphones are designed to deliver this ideal sound quality, providing rich and powerful bass that doesn't sacrifice clarity or detail.

    How do headphones produce bass?

    Three primary aspects contribute to the bass response of headphones.
    How close the drivers are to the ear.
    The distance effect occurs when the sound waves from the headphone driver are able to interact with the ear more directly. This allows for a greater transfer of energy, resulting in increased bass response.
    Whether the drivers are enclosed in a sealed chamber.
    The closed space effect occurs when the ear is sealed off from the outside world, creating a small pocket of air that can vibrate in response to Bass frequencies.
    Whether the vibrations are transferred directly to the bones of the skull.
    Since low frequencies are more felt than heard, in headphones, this is where the ear structure and bone conduction come into play for bass frequencies because it physically vibrates our skulls as well as tiny bones inside of ears which send signals to the brain that help us hear those low notes better.
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